6-17. Successful engagement of targets depends on the gunner's ability to employ good aiming techniques. This paragraph discusses the front and rear sights and NVD, and their proper use.

Front Sight

6-18. The front sight is a rifle-type sight that has three posts: a central post for engaging stationary targets, or moving targets head-on or straight away; and side posts to assist in engaging targets moving from the left or right. The front sight contains a white semicircle mark that will match the curve of the rear sight peep when properly aligned to assist in proper aiming.

Rear Sight

6-19. The rear sight consists of a 2-mm peep for use under normal daylight conditions and a 7-mm aperture for use under low light or flare illumination conditions. The rear sight is pre-set to open at the 150-meter battle sight range setting, and is adjustable in 50-meter increments out to 500 meters (Figure 69).


Figure 6-9. Rear sight.


Figure 6-9. Rear sight.

Sight Picture

6-20. To aim the M141 BDM, set the correct range on the rear sight, then sight through it. Place the top of the middle front sight post in the center of the rear sight aperture. Next, place the middle post on the center of mass of the target. The gunner's eye should be 8 to 9 inches from the rear sight when the weapon is properly positioned for firing. The white semicircle on the front sight will match the curve of the rear sight peep when the gunner is in the correct position (Figure 6-10).



Figure 6-10. Aiming techniques.


Figure 6-10. Aiming techniques.

Night Vision Device Mount

6-21. A NVD mounting rail is permanently attached to each M141 BDM. The mount has an alignment groove that accepts the AN/PVS-4, AN/PAQ-4, and any other devices that use the rail grabber style mount, without the need for additional adapters or brackets. The mounting procedures are the same for both the AN/PVS-4 and AN/PAQ-4:

• Employ the front sight by pushing the front sight cover forward, releasing the front sight.

• Remove the protective cover from the launcher nightsight mounting rail.

• Place the NVD in the nightsight mounting rail.

• Adjust the nightsight fore and aft until one of the mounting screws engages the threaded hole.

• Either of the M141 BDM nightsight mounting screws can be used for attaching the AN/PVS-4, depending on the sight relief distance desired by the gunner (Figure 6-11).

Figure 6-11. AN/PVS-4 nightsight mounting screws.

Only the forward mounting screw can be used with the AN/PAQ-4A aiming light, due to the position of the ON/OFF switch (Figure 6-12).

Figure 6-12. AN/PAQ-4A mounting screw.

Either mounting screw can be used with the AN/PAQ-4B and AN/PAQ-4C light, depending on gunner preference (Figure 6-13, page 6-10).

Tighten the mounting screw by turning clockwise (hand tight only).

Figure 6-13. AN/PAQ-4B and 4C mounting screws.

Night Vision Device Boresighting Procedure

6-22. The M141 BDM NVD mounting rail is positioned on the launcher to permit simple nightsight alignment to the weapon in the field. No special tools or equipment are required. These procedures will align the AN/PVS-4 and AN/PAQ-4 to each individual M141 BDM using the rifle sights.

• Select an object at a known distance from launcher A (distance of 150 meters is the minimum desired distance).

• The inner tube can be safely extended up to 36 inches in order to facilitate nightsight alignment without interference from the inner tube rear bumper.


When zeroing the nightsight with a tactical M141 BDM round, be extremely careful to prevent accidental firing of the weapon. Never open the firing mechanism cover during this procedure.

• With the weapon system front and rear sights open, position the launcher on a stable surface such as a table or sandbags.

• Adjust the M141 BDM rear sight setting for the distance to the selected aiming object.

• Ensure the launcher front sight is level before adjusting the nightsight. Adjust the launcher position until the rifle sights are properly aimed at the selected aiming object.

• Adjust the nightsight until the aim point coincides with the launcher rifle sight picture on the selected aim point.

NOTE: Be careful not to move the launcher during the boresighting process. Verify that the rifle sights are still properly aligned with the aiming object.

• The nightsight is now boresighted to the M141 BDM weapon at the selected range. The nightsight can be removed from the launcher and reattached at a later time and will still be correctly boresighted to that particular launcher. If the nightsight is attached to a different launcher, the boresight procedure must be repeated.

NOTE: The AN/PVS-4 reticle will not be level when boresighted to the M141 BDM, which is normal. Carefully note the reticle angle—you will have to hold the launcher at the same angle when firing at night. Your firing will be accurate, because that same angle was used in boresighting the nightsight to the launcher's rifle sights.

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