Types of shoulderlaunched munitions

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1-1. Shoulder-launched munitions include the M136 AT4 light antiarmor weapon, the M72-series light antiarmor weapon (LAW), improved M72-series LAW, and the M141 bunker defeat munition (BDM) (a shoulder-launched, multipurpose assault weapon-disposable [SMAW-D]). The M72-series LAW (M72A2 and M72A3) was introduced in the early 1960s for use against light tanks of that era (Figure 1-1). More recent and improved versions of the M72-series LAWs were produced in the 1990s and include the M72A4, M72A5, M72A6, and M72A7 (Chapter 5). The M136 AT4 was designed in the late 1980s for use against the improved armor of light armored vehicles (Figure 1-2, page 1-2), and the M141 BDM was developed in the early 1990s primarily to use against bunkers (Figure 1-3, page 1-2).

M72 Law Firing Position
Figure 1-1. M72A2/A3 light antiarmor weapon.
M141 Bunker Defeat Munition
Figure 1-2. M136 AT4 light antiarmor weapon.
Xm808 Shoulder Launched Munition
Figure 1-3. M141 BDM.

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