Point the M72AS trainer launcher downrange at all times.

Load, unload, or fire the trainer launcher at the firing line only, unless the trainer launcher is transferred to authorized personnel.

Do not extend the trainer launcher to the cocked position until after the M72AS trainer rocket is completely installed.

Insert the M72AS trainer rocket all the way into the trainer launcher before inserting the primer block.

Do not fire the trainer launcher if the barrel assembly has a cracked, split, or damaged condition at the rear end—a blown tube incident may occur.

Loose primer block cover screws or excessive carbon buildup in the primer block cavity can cause a misfire.

Wear ear plugs when firing the trainer launcher. (Double hearing protection is required for the tactical round.)

To prevent electrostatic discharge, a bare M72AS trainer rocket should never be handed from one person to another. It should remain in the aluminum storage tube until just prior to loading in the trainer launcher.


B-18. Follow these steps in sequence to load the M72AS for firing (Figure B-7).

• Swing the primer block cover open to expose the primer housing cavity on the partially collapsed trainer launcher.

• Grasp the M72AS trainer rocket metallic case and separate the two halves.

• Carefully remove the M72AS trainer rocket from the metallic case.

• Check the M72AS trainer rocket for—

■ Broken or missing propellant sticks.

■ Broken igniter/transfer line.

■ Damaged or missing O-ring.

• Keep the trainer launcher pointed downrange toward the target.

• Turn your back to the target and place the trainer launcher under your arm.

• Insert the trainer rocket fully into the inner tube until the flange is against the trainer launcher tube.

• Line up the primer block on the M72AS trainer rocket with the M72AS trainer launcher primer housing. The trainer rocket must be fully inserted in the trainer launcher tube before placing primer in the primer housing.

• Guide the primer block into the primer housing and then close the primer block cover.

Missile Launcher Detent

Figure B-7. Loading the M72AS trainer rocket.


B-19. To unload an unexpended trainer rocket from the M72AS trainer launcher follow the sequence below (shown in Figure B-8, page B-10).

• Return the arming handle to SAFE.

• Remove the trainer launcher from the shoulder.

• Grasp the trainer launcher by the rear sight housing.

• Squeeze the detent boot with the thumb.

• Remove the thumb from the boot once the detent has released.

• Slide the inner tube into the outer tube.

• Keeping the trainer launcher pointed downrange, put the partially collapsed trainer launcher under your arm.

• Open the primer block cover to expose the rocket primer block.

• Carefully grasp the flash tube and pull it rearward, removing the primer block and then the unexpended trainer rocket.

• Return the trainer rocket to its aluminum case, and return it to the ammunition supply point.

Figure B-8. Unloading unexpended M72AS trainer rocket.


The trainer rocket only operates between -40 and +140 degrees centigrade (-40 and +60 degrees Fahrenheit). Fire it only within this temperature range.

Misfire Procedures, Range Procedures, and Safety Combat Techniques

B-20. These are the same as for the M72-series LAW.

Note. This label is attached to the M72AS trainer launcher to distinguish it from the tactical

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