Warning Storage

Never place or store any firearm in such a manner that it may be dislodged. Firearms should always be stored securely and unloaded, away from children and other unauthorized users. Use the locking device originally supplied with this firearm for storage. The use of a locking device or safety lock is only one aspect of responsible firearms storage. For increased safety, firearms should be stored unloaded and locked in a location that is both separate from their ammunition and inaccessible to children and any other unauthorized person.



8.0. Sight Options

1. The SIG 556 rifle is equipped with accessory mounting rails that allow a wide variation of sighting systems to be utilized. The gas block provides a dovetail mount that allows installation of a fixed front sight (optional, available from SIGARMS). This optional front sight can be combined with a fixed type rear sight designed for mounting on the receiver accessory rail.

2. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when mounting a sighting system.

3. ALWAYS ensure the rifle is unloaded and clear of ammunition when installing or removing a sighting system or other accessory.


9.0. Maintenance

All firearms require periodic maintenance and inspection which may reveal a need for adjustment or repair. Have your firearm checked by a competent gunsmith annually even if it seems to be working well, since breakage, improper functioning or corrosion of some components may not be apparent from external examination. If you notice any mechanical malfunction, DO NOT continue to use the firearm. UNLOAD the firearm and take it to a competent gunsmith immediately for a thorough examination. Similarly, if water, sand, or other foreign matter enters the internal mechanism, immediately dismantle the firearm for a complete and thorough cleaning. Failure to keep your firearm clean and in proper working order can lead to a potentially dangerous condition and an accident causing serious bodily injury or property damage may result.

9.1. Cleaning

The SIG 556 rifle must be cleaned after each shooting session or whenever performance is suspect. Clean the rifle as follows:

1. Unload the weapon per Section 5.0;

2. Field strip the weapon per Section 7.0;

3. Clean the barrel and chamber from the rear;

4. Clean other parts of the rifle, using care to remove carbon and firing residue. Pay particular attention to the operating rod, gas valve, and chamber areas;

5. Lightly lubricate areas of metal contact with a high quality firearms lubricant or grease, paying particular attention to the bolt/bolt carrier, receiver rails, operating rod, and gas valve;

6. Apply a light coating of high quality firearms lubricant or grease to exposed metal surfaces to enhance corrosion protection;

7. Reassemble the rifle per section 7.1; and

8. Perform a function check in accordance with section 7.2. SERVICE AND PARTS POLICY

Parts Policy

Our Service Department maintains a full complement of replacement parts. Even though most gunsmiths have the knowledge, training, and the ability to make necessary repairs to your firearm, the skill and workmanship of any particular gunsmith is totally beyond our control.

Should your firearm ever require service, we strongly recommend that you return it to SIGARMS Inc. (see page 52). A firearm is a precision instrument and some replacement parts will require individual fitting to ensure correct operation. A wrong part, improper fitting, or incorrect mechanical adjustment may result in an unsafe condition or dangerous malfunction, damage to the firearm, or cause possible serious injury to the shooter or others.

IF ANY PART IS ORDERED WITHOUT RETURNING THE FIREARM TO SIGARMS, INC., the customer bears full responsibility for ensuring that the part supplied is correct for their particular firearm and is properly installed and fitted by a qualified gunsmith.


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