Sig 550 Handguard

Bolt carrier from left

1. Bolt carrier 2. Cam

Sg550 Bolt Carrier

Bolt carrier from right

1. Cocking lug 3. Bolt handle catch

2. Bolt carrier 4. Bolt handle

2.1.4. Handguard and bipod

The handguard protects the barrel and the gas system from damage and provides heat protection. The bipod on the SIG SG 550 can be used to support the rifle when firing.

Sig 551 Handguards

Hand guard with bipod

1. Handguard, upper part

2. Handguard, lower part

3. Bipod

2.1.5. Trigger assembly and butt

The trigger assembly comprises all the parts required for siring a shot. The safety lever on both sides can be set to two positions.

Position "S" The weapon is locked in the safe position.

Position "1" The weapon will fire semi auto.

By pivoting the trigger guard to the right or left side, the trigger becomes accessible for shooting with mittens. For safety reasons the trigger guard must not be shifted until just before firing the weapon, and after firing it should be immediately replaced in the normal position.

The folding butt is made of high strength synthetic material. In the firing position it is held by the butt locking mechanism, and when folded it's held by spring pressure on the handguard.

Sig Trigger Mechanism
Trigger assembly and butt from right

1. Butt

2. Safety lever

3. Trigger casing

4. Magazine catch

5. Trigger

6. Pistol grip

Trigger Mechanism Submachine Guns 22lr
Trigger assembly and butt from left

1. Trigger casing

2. Bolt catch

3. Safety lever

4. Butt

5. Butt catch

6. Pistol grip

7. Trigger guard

8. Magazine catch

2.1.6 Sights mechanism

The sights mechanism comprises the rear sight and foresight. The rear sight is made up of the: □ Rear sight mount

□ Windage correction screw

□ Elevation correction screw

The diopter drum can be set to positions "1", "2", "3", and "4", corresponding to firing ranges 100 m, 200 m, 300 m, and 400 m. The positions marked in white correspond to aiming point = point of impact.

The red "3" position corresponds to aiming point "black 6" at 300 m.

Sighting position "1" is designed for immediate firing, and two luminous dots are fitted laterally for aiming at night.

The foresight with tunnel is fixed to its mount with the foresight screw. A folding foresight is provided for use at with the night sights on the diopter drum.

Drum Night Sight

Rear sight assembly

1. Receiver casing

2. Rear sight mount

3. Elevation correction screw

4. Rear sight drum

5. Night sight

6. Windage correction screw

Sig 551 Mount

Front sight

1. Front sight tunnel 3. Night front sight

2. Front sight 4. Front sight screw

2.1.7. Magazine

The magazine is transparent and has a capacity of twenty or thirty rounds. On either side of the casing there is a mechanism, that allows several magazines to be connected if required.

Magazine, dismantled

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