Parts List

When ordering spare parts, always specify Serial Number of pistol and blue or stainless. Parts 24D and 29D apply only to weapons sold as Double-Action Only. Parts 24D and 29D apply only to weapons sold as Double-Action Only. Do not discard. Keep this manual with your firearm. Upon change of ownership, transfer this manual with the firearm.

Caring for your Pistol

Follow these instructions and your SIG SAUER P232 will remain in excellent condition even after years of hard service. NOTE Your SIG SAUER P232 comes from the factory with a light coating of protective lubricants. Before you fire the pistol, you should disassemble, clean and lubricate it as recommended on this page. Clean the barrel and the chamber from the rear with a quality cleaning solvent, using a cleaning rod and brush of the correct caliber. Never clean the barrel from the muzzle end and...

Field Stripping

Check Make Pistol

Before you take the pistol apart, make sure it's unloaded. This is essential for your safety and the safety of others. Field strip the pistol as follows Press the magazine catch 35 . Remove the magazine 43 . Pull back the slide and check to make sure the chamber is not loaded. Turn the take-down lever 20 to a vertical position. Pull back the slide 1 as far as it will go. Lift the slide up at the rear and let it slide forward gently. Remove the slide from the frame 38 . Remove the recoil spring...