Cleaning and Lubrication

Be sure your gun is unloaded!

After each use, your SIGARMS SHR 970 should be cleaned and re-lubricated before being returned to its storage place. Wipe off any visible dirt and grime from all parts with a clean, soft cloth.

Barrel and chamber:

1. After each use, run a swab or bronze brush of the correct caliber through the barrel from the breach end to remove any powder residue. If any evidence of powder or copper remains, use a quality grade bore cleaner with a bronze brush. Then remove the loosened fouling with a swab or gun bore patches. Finally, apply a thin film of quality gun oil preservative throughout the entire bore surfaces.

2. Coat the entire outer surface of the barrel with a quality gun oil preservative and wipe off any excess. Note: Do not over lubricate any parts of your firearm.

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