Loading the Magazine and Rifle

Loading the magazine:

1. Make sure you check the bore for any obstructions before loading the rifle. Obstructions could be anything from a forgotten cleaning patch to excess oil or grease. Make sure the barrel is clean and ready to fire, if it is not, injuries could occur to yourself or those nearby.

2. Load the correct caliber cartridges, as engraved on the side of the barrel, into the magazine by pressing one cartridge at a time into the magazine until it is retained firmly by the magazine lips.

3. Push the cartridges to the rear, making sure the base of each cartridge is located against the rear wall of the magazine. The magazine capacity is four (4) rounds.

Loading Bolt Action Rifle
Figure 2B

WARNING Before loading a magazine into the rifle make sure the safety is in the center (load/ unload) position.

Shr 970 Rifle

Figure 5

Loading the rifle: NOTE: Your SIGARMS™ SHR 970 comes from the factory with a light coating of protective lubricants. Before you fire the rifle, clean and lubricate it as recommended on page 15.

1. Point the rifle in a safe direction.

2. Put the safety lever in the center position (See Figure 5).

3. Raise the bolt handle and pull it all the way back.

4. Insert a loaded magazine from the bottom and make sure it has engaged the magazine catch (See Figure 6).

5. Push the bolt forward so that the top round in the magazine is engaged and loaded into the chamber.

6. Push the bolt handle down to the locked position, keeping your finger away from the trigger.

7. Activate the safety by positioning the safety lever into the "S" (SAFE) position.

The rifle is now loaded (See Figure 7).

Figure 5

Figure 6
Shr 970 Rifle
Figure 7


The only way to be certain that a rifle is unloaded is to check it visually. Place the safety in the center position (See Figure 1B, page 8), open the bolt, remove the magazine and look in the chamber to make sure there is not a cartridge present. This is essential for your safety and the safety of others.

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