Operating the Three Position Safety Mechanism

The safety:

The SIGARMS™ SHR 970 rifle is equipped with a three position sliding safety. With the rifle completely unloaded, move the safety lever from position to position, to become familiar with the lever location and feel.

1. Position "S" (See Figure 1A)

This is the rearmost position of the safety. In this position the safety is on "S" (SAFE). Sear engagement is blocked to prevent firing, and the bolt is "locked" and cannot be opened.

2. Center Position (" • " See Figure 1B)

This position is the white dot located in the center of the safety (see figure 1B). When the safety lever is placed in this position, sear engagement is blocked, but the bolt can be opened to load or unload the rifle.

3. Position "F" (See Figure 1C)

This is the forward most position of the safety. In this position, the safety is on "F" (ready to FIRE). The rifle may now be fired by pulling the trigger, and the bolt may be operated.

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Bolt Action Mechanism Exploded View

Figure 1B

M16 Blueprints

Figure 1C

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