Safe Operation

To ensure the best performance and reliability from your firearm, please read and follow the procedures and WARNINGS outlined in this manual. Always remember that you, the owner, are ultimately responsible for firearms safety. Please read and follow all the safety procedures outlined in this manual. This manual contains information you need in order to operate your rifle safely and effectively. If you have any questions or comments about this rifle, its use and maintenance, or need more information about other SIGARMS™ products and accessories, please call or write SIGARMS Inc.

WARNING Magnum Calibers require the following items to function properly:

• Magnum Caliber specific Barrel(s)

• Magnum Caliber Bolt

• Magnum Caliber Magazine Magnum Caliber bolts are marked.

If you open the bolt and look in the groove on the left hand side of the bolt you will see the phrase 'lVfa<yireif>iBTrr£' laser engraved on the bottom of the groove. Do not attempt to shoot a magnum Caliber cartridge unless you have the Magnum Caliber Bolt installed in your rifle.

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