Be sure to wear eye protection prior to performing any assembly or disassembly.

Assembling the bolt:

The bolt is shipped in the case with your rifle but is not installed due to shipping regulations.

1. Remove any packaging material that may be on the bolt.

2. Move the safety to the center position.

3. Remove the magazine by firmly pressing forward on the magazine catch located in front of the trigger guard (See Figure 1).

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Rotate Bolt Action
Figure 1

Assembling the bolt (continued)

4. Holding the rifle securely, with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, insert the bolt with the handle pointing straight up from the stock (12:00 o'clock position) and gently push the bolt into the receiver until it is past the bolt stop/release mechanism located on the left hand side of the rifle (See Figure 2A). Push the bolt fully forward and rotate the bolt handle downward to check engagement of the bolt. This completes bolt installation (See Figure 2B).

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