Even with the safety in the "S" (SAFE) position a loaded rifle can discharge if dropped or jarred.

8. When chambering a cartridge the safety should be in the center position (see pages 8 and 11). Do not chamber a cartridge unless you are about to shoot.

Once you have chambered a cartridge, keep the safety in the "S" (SAFE)

position until you are ready to fire. When you are ready to fire push the safety fully forward to the "F" (FIRE) position.

9. If you pull the trigger and the rifle fails to fire, keep it pointed in a safe direction and wait 30 seconds. Then, open action carefully, remove and examine the loaded cartridge. If the cartridge primer is indented but did not fire, do not reuse the cartridge. If you examine the cartridge and the primer is not indented, your rifle has malfunctioned and should be returned to SIGARMS™ for service.

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