Using the WRONG ammunition could destroy your rifle and cause serious personal injury or death. If a bullet is in the bore, do not attempt to shoot it out by using another cartridge. This can generate excessive pressure, damage the firearm and cause serious personal injury.

2. SIGARMS™ recommends the use of clean, commercial factory-loaded ammunition. Always use ammunition that complies with the performance standards established by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute, Inc. of the United States (SAAMI).

The use of ammunition which is not of standard dimension, proper caliber or which has not been loaded in accordance with SAAMI specifications can cause serious personal injury and can damage your firearm.

CAUTION: For your safety, the safety of others and to avoid damage to the firearm, beware of barrel obstructions. An obstruction, such as mud, snow, dirt or other foreign object, can increase pressure and cause damage to your firearm and cause injury to you and to others. Before checking the barrel for an obstruction, make sure the safety mechanism is in the center (load/unload) position. Open the action and remove the bolt, making sure the firearm is unloaded. After assuring yourself that the firearm is completely empty, look through the chamber (do not look down the muzzle). If an obstruction is detected, no matter how small it may be, clean the barrel as described in the "Cleaning and Lubrication" section of this manual on page 15.

3. Always inspect your ammunition before use to be certain all cartridges are the correct caliber.

4. Keep your cartridges free of oil. Wipe the chamber clean of any oil or preservative before you shoot. Oil in the chamber creates excessive pressures.

5. Before loading any live ammunition make sure that you are familiar with the rifle and this instruction manual completely.

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