How Do I Remove The Firing Pin Of A Sig Pro Sp2340

8.3 Function sequence when firing in "Double Action" mode

B3T Notice

A Firing in "Single Action" mode, see Sect. 8.5.

8.3.1 Hammer cocking with the trigger

- Trigger 19 is pulled.

- Trigger bar 22 cocks hammer 29 via double action notch 29c.

Pistol Trigger And Hammer
Fig. 20, Hammer is released "Double Action"

8.3.2 Firing the pistol

- Trigger 19 is pulled up to the stop.

- Trigger bar 22 pivots safety lever 30 and sear 36 forwards. Safety lever 30 raises safety lock 9, thereby liberating firing pin 12

- The control cam of the action casing 26 guides the trigger bar 22 away from the double action notch (DA notch) of the hammer 29.

- Hammer 29 is released.

Exploded View Sig 2340
Fig. 21, Round is discharged

8.3.3 Function sequence at shot discharge

- Hammer 29 is released.

- Via hammer strut 32, mainspring 33 thrusts hammer 29 upwards.

- Hammer 29 strikes firing pin 12.

- Firing pin 12 impacts against the primer of round P.

Sig Sauer P2340 Safety Lock

8.4 Function sequence at case ejection and automatic reloading

8.4.1 Unlocking

- Blowback reaction generated at discharge thrusts slide 4 to the rear.

- This separates safety lever 30 and safety lock 9. Firing pin lock is effective again.

- Slide 4 depresses trigger bar 22, thereby disconnecting trigger bar 22 from safety lever 30.

- The barrel 1 must be swung downwards to release by means of the control cam S in conjunction with the slide catch lever pivot 17.

Safety in the case of incompletely closed slide position

If slide 4 is not in its fully locked final position, the register between safety lever 30 and safety lock 9 is cancelled. Also, trigger bar 22 is depressed by slide 4, thereby interrupting the remaining trigger functions.

Casing Being Ejected
Fig. 23, Case being ejected

8.4.2 Function sequence at case ejection and hammer cocking

- Sear spring presses sear 36 and safety lever 30 to their initial positions.

- Empty case H is extracted by extractor claw 10 and,

4 upon striking the ejector A, is ejected.

- As slide 4 recoils up to its stop, it cocks hammer 29 and is then caught in the SA notch 29a by sear 36.*

29 - Slide 4 is propelled forward through pressure of the cocked recoil spring 3 and the next round is fed (see Sect. 8.1.2). Barrel 1

36 locks up with slide 4 again.

The pistol is ready to fire.

Hammer 29 is cocked.*

Not applicable to DAO pistols.

Taurus Pistols Firing PinSig Sp2340 BarrelSig Pro 2340 Barrel

8.5 Function sequence when firing in "Single Action" mode *

Firing in "Single Action"


- Trigger 19 is pulled.

- Trigger bar 22 pivots safety lever 30 forwards,

29 which raises safety lock 9, thereby liberating firing pin 12

38 - At the same time, safety lever 30 disengages sear 36 from the SA notch 29a of hammer 29, thereby releasing hammer 29.

* Not applicable to DAO pistols.

Correct Pistol Shooting Position
Fig. 25, When magazine is empty, slide is held open

Function sequence after discharge of last round

Blowback reaction generated at discharge thrusts slide 4 to the rear stop.

In the empty magazine, magazine spring 48 raises feeder 48 which also presses up slide catch lever 17. Slide catch lever 17 registers in notch 4a of slide 4.

Slide 4 is arrested in its open position.

9 Pistol Service and Repairs

9.1 Cause and correction of malfunctions

Pistol maintenance (cleaning and inspection) according to the instructions can prevent malfunctions. Should, nevertheless, a malfunction occur during shooting, proceed as follows:

A Hold pistol pointed in the firing direction (safe direction) and keep your finger off trigger 19 while you carry out the operations described in the following.

1. Remove and safeguard the magazine.

2. Draw back slide 4and arrest it in the open position by thumbing up slide catch lever 17.

3. Verify (visually or with a tool) that there is no bullet, round, case or foreign body in the barrel bore or chamber (see

Fig. 3, page GB 10). If a projectile is lodged in the bore, strip the pistol (see Sect. 7.1) and have the blockage removed with a suitable tool by a qualified gunsmith.

4. Remove all rounds, cases or foreign bodies. Clean, lubricate and assemble the pistol (see Sect. 7.2/7.3).

5. Have the pistol inspected by an armourer or gunsmith.


Potential Cause

Potential Remedy

Ammunition feed:

No round chambered.

Magazine not properly inserted, deformed or dirty.

Insert magazine properly or replace it.


Slide does not close properly.

Pistol or rounds dirty or too heavily greased.

Strip, clean and lubricate pistol (see Sect. 7.1-7.3); clean or replace a m m u n i t i o n .

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