Main features

SIG SAUER pistols are modern handguns complying with the latest technical advances in weapon design for military, police and sporting use. They operate on the principle of the mechanically locked, recoil-operated pistol with semi-automatic reloading.

The automatic firing pin safety lock, the safety intercept notch at the hammer, the decocking lever and the Double Action trigger ensure safe carrying of the weapon and permanent, rapid firing readiness without actuating a manual safety lock.

The manual safety lock, which can be operated with either hand, increases safety by locking the safety lock (and thus the firing pin) and the whole trigger mechanism if operated. With the manual safety lock enabled all actions (loading, unloading, cocking and uncocking) are possible without risk.

The decocking lever makes it possible to decock the hammer without danger into the safety intercept notch without actuating the trigger. During the decocking procedure the Firing pin remains secured by the automatic firing pin safety lock.

The distinctive contrast sights in conjunction with the ergonomically favourable grip design permit rapid, precision target acquisition and firing.

Exchangeable grip plates of different sizes allow for an optimum adaptation of the weapon to the hand of the user.

The magazine catch can simply be repositioned from left-hand to right-hand operation.

A Picatinny rail is integrated into the frame such that tactical additional equipment can be attached.

The enclosed design prevents the penetration of dirt inside the weapon.

The SP 2022 M pistol is available as double action/single action (DA/SA) or as double action only (DAO) version. The DAO version does not have a decocking lever 38.

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