Striker Assembly

The striker consists of a modified 5 16'' (8mm) diameter 'long series' Allen Key. The first step is to slide a 3 8'' steel collar onto the key and thoroughly tighten the collars grub screw to prevent it from moving. The exact position of the collar will not be known until after the breech block has been fitted. Though reasonably common, if a long series key is unavailable an ordinary 3 8 high tensile bolt, 8 in length, may be used to construct the striker. The bolt head is removed and the bolt...

Fitting The Silencer

Silencer Pistol

We are now ready to fit the silencer to the pistol barrel. This is a quick and simple procedure. Slide the silencer onto the barrel and push it back until it comes to a stop against the barrel lock nut. Position the silencer so the retaining screw is at the 12 o'clock position, and then firmly tighten the screw. The silencer is now fitted. The illustration shows the fully assembled silenced pistol. Once the silencer is fitted it is only necessary to attach the striker 'spring' A . The spring...

Breech Block

Silenced Pistol

The breech block is made from the head section of a diameter bolt the bolt being of the standard hexagon head variety. The bolt section should be 22mm in length but a millimetre more or less is close enough. The block is fitted with a fixed firing pin consisting of a short section of 3mm diameter drill shank. This will be fitted later, See Page 10 . Block Fitted adjust gap as necessary to accept breech block Block Fitted adjust gap as necessary to accept breech block

Cutting The Sear Notch

Silenced Pistol

The pistol is now almost ready to test fire but before this can be done, it is necessary to cut the sear notch into the underside of the striker, to allow the pistol to be cocked. To mark the position of the sear notch, pull the striker back until the face of the collar is 2 from the contact face of the block and mark the underside of the striker. The sear notch is cut at this position. The striker should be removed from the pistol and the notch carefully cut to shape using a good quality fine...

Pistol Photo Gallery

Silenced Handgun

The grip acts as the receiver for all of the pistols component parts. It must be modified by cutting three holes into the grip front wall to the measurements The grip consists of a 5-1 8 length of 2'' x 1'' tubing. The wall thickness of the tube should be 2.5mm. The holes are drilled to the following diameters A cut with hacksaw , B 5 16'', C W. The upper most recess, 'A', is cut through one wall of the tube only. Holes 'B' and 'C' are drilled through both tube walls. Remove any burs from...