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Bernadelli Extended MagazineThe Silenced Pistol

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The grip acts as the receiver for all of the pistols component parts.

It must be modified by cutting three holes into the grip front wall to the measurements supplied below.

The grip consists of a 5-1/8" length of 2'' x 1'' tubing. The wall thickness of the tube should be 2.5mm.

The holes are drilled to the following diameters: A= /" (cut with hacksaw), B=5/16'', C= W. The upper most recess, 'A', is cut through one wall of the tube only. Holes 'B' and 'C' are drilled through both tube walls. Remove any burs from inside of the grip with a file.

(Measurements in millimetres unless specified)

51 39 25

51 39 25

Beretta 92fs Modified

It is now necessary to modify the rear of the grip so it will accept the breech block.

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