Loading The

Flip the safety catch up into its 4on' position, then pull the charging handle on the bolt carrier back until the action locks open. Load with a stripper clip (as illustrated in figure 1 of takedown instructions) or with single rounds. Keeping conscious of muzzle direction, pull the charging handle back slightly and let the bolt carrier fly forward to chamber the first round. Do not ease the bolt carrier into battery. The rifle is now loaded. To fire, point the rifle downrange, then rotate the safety catch down to its 'off position. When the sights are on target, place the trigger finger inside the trigger guard and on the trigger, then fire. Gas pressure from the fired cartridges will extract, eject, and feed new rounds of emmunition until all of the rounds have been expended or the shooter stops firing. If the bolt is not locked back after the cessation of firing, immediately engage the safety catch to its 'on' position before starting unloading procedures.

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