Maintaining The Sks Rifle

You will learn disassembly, cleaning reassenibly of the weapon within 35 minutes. You will also learn ammunition maintainence and to perform a function check. You will be given an SKS rifle, a cleaning rod and combination tool kitr 10 rounds of 7.62 X 39MM amnunition, a wire bore brush, chamber brush, and toothbrush, rifle bore cleaner, lube oil, solvent, cleaning patches, and clean rags. A. Disassemble weapon within 2 minutes.

Disconnector Spring

Presses down on the trigger bar and thus aligns the trigger bar and sear. Pressure on the trigger will force the trigger bar to move forward and disengage the sear Jrom the hammer. The hammer swings forward to fire the rifle J A, iig 9 , and as it does, a cam on the bottom of the hammer depresses the disconnector, which in turn depresses the trigger bar below the sear. The sear spring forces the sear back against the hammer. e. When the hammer is rocked back by the bolt, it strikes the...

Gas Cutoff


Technical data concerning the SKS carbine will be found in table a. Grasp the operating handle fig 1 , pull it fully to the rear, and release it. If the magazine is empty, the bolt will remain open. Insert a stripper clip into the clip guides at the top front of the bolt carrier, and with the thumb as close as possible to the base of the top cartridge, press the cartridges off the clip and into the magazine fig 5 Remove the empty clip, if clipped ammunition is not available, individual...