Trigger group

Insure weapon is clear and on "SAFE".

Remove recoil spring assembly:

a. Rotate the receiver cover retaining pin to the vertical position and pull to the right.

b. Remove the receiver cover by sliding it to the rear and lifting off.

c. Pull the recoil spring assembly from the bolt carrier.

Remove the bolt and carrier.

a. Pull operating handle to the rear.

b. Lift the bolt and bolt carrier out of the receiver.

Separate the bolt from the carrier.

Remove the gas cylinder and piston:

a. Rotate the gas cylinder tube lock until the handle is at a 45 degree angle to the rear.

b. Lift the rear of the handguard to remove the gas cylinder tube and gas piston.

c. Lower front end of tube and allow piston to slide out.

Remove gas piston extension and spring:

a. Place thumb in front of rear sight base.

b. Rotate gas cylinder tube lock slowly forward.

c. Remove and separate piston extension and spring.

Remove trigger group:

a. Insure weapon is on "SAFE".

b- Push in on trigger group retaining lock.

c. Pull trigger group up and out.

d. Remove magazine by pulling up and out.

e. Unlock bayonet and separate barrel from the stock.

B- Identify weapon parts. (See fiq 2).

C. Cleaning and maintainance. (See page 22)-

D. Reassemble weapon within 4 minutes:

1. Attach barrel to stock, and lock bayonet into closed position.

2. Replace magazine into stock leaving it open.

3. Replace trigger group:

a. Invert rifle and engage pins at the front of the trigger group (notches must be behind the magazine box), b. Swing trigger group into position in the stock (seat it by a hand blow on the loop of the trigger guard).

c. Move safety to "FIRE" position to insure catch is fully engaged.

4. Replace gas piston extension and spring:

a. Place gas piston extension and spring:

b. Hold gas tube lock in vertical position.

c. Insert gas piston extension with spring back into itrs recess in front of the rear sight.

d. Push back into recess until it can be locked into place.

e. Ijock by rotating gas tube lock 45 degree angle to the rear.

Replace gas cylinder tube and piston:

a. Slide gas piston, small end first, into the front of the gas tube.

b. Fit large end of gas tube over the gas cylinder block on barrel.

c. Swing rear end of gas cylinder tube into rear sight base.

d. Turn gas cylinder lock down into the detent.

6. Replace bolt and carrier:

a. Connect bolt and carrier together and place bolt and carrier into the receiver.

b. Push down and forward all the way to seat.

7. Replace recoil spring assembly:

a- insert recoil spring assembly, curled end first/ into bolt carrier-

b. Pull receiver cover pin fully to the right.

c. Slide receiver cover into place from the rear.

d. Secure cover with receiver cover Din.

e. Rotate pin down to locked position.

8. Close magazine.

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