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The Most Powerful Production Revolver Available

The new Smith & Wesson Model 500 revolver is the most powerful revolver in the world.

The new 500 S&W Magnum® cartridge is the most powerful production revolver cartridge ever developed.

The new Model 500 revolver is packed end-to-end with original, never-before-seen Smith & Wesson features. The .500 S&W Magnum® cartridge can deliver more than a ton and a quarter of muzzle energy, so the Model 500 is built on the massive new Smith & Wesson "X-Frame". The strongest S&W revolver ever built weighs in at 72.5 ounces with an 8 3/8-inch barrel and a rugged five-shot cylinder. It's big.

Smith Wesson Handguns

Model 500

500 S&W Magnum SKU: 163500

500 Magnum Yoke

Big as it is, the Model 500 is well-balanced and comfortable to handle; and it is remarkably manageable thanks to its recoil compensator and brand-new Hogue design Absorbathane® wraparound rubber grip. The Model 500 also utilizes a strong new ball-detent frame-to-yoke cylinder lock, a solid ejector rod, and a new two-piece barrel and barrel-shroud design for maximum strength. With Smith & Wesson's classic Micrometer-click adjustable rear sight, interchangeable front sight blades, drilled and tapped frame for easy optics installation and traditional Smith & Wesson accuracy built-in, the Model 500 is ready for any big-game animal walking.

With the new Model 500, Smith & Wesson has once again taken the Magnum Handgun concept to an unprecedented level.


SKU Caliber

Action Frame


Barrel Sights



OA Length

Material Finish


163500 500 S&W



8-3/8"/21.3cm MCS/I





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