Inspecting Your Pistol Prior To Firing

When you inspect your pistol, you should first check for yourself to ensure that it is unloaded. To do this, grasp the pistol with your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard, point the pistol in a safe direction, depress the magazine release, and remove the magazine (Figure 5). With the pistol still pointing in a safe direction, grasp the serrated sides of the slide from the rear with the thumb and fingers as shown in Figure 6, and briskly draw the slide fully rearward in order to extract any cartridge from the barrel chamber and clear it from the pistol. Do not obstruct the ejection port because doing so can interfere with ejection of a cartridge and thereby creates the risk of exploding an uncham-bered cartridge and possible injury. Lock the slide in the open position, by allowing the slide to move slightly forward from the rearmost position while pressing upward on the slide stop. You are now able to safety check the mouth of the barrel chamber visually for any obstructions (Figure 6). At the same time, observe the breech face to ensure that the firing pin is not protruding from the breech face. (Figures 7 & 8). Finally, ensure that the slide moves freely along the frame through its full length of travel (Figure 9). Always lock the slide in the "open" position as described above. You must follow this procedure every time your firearm is inspected, cleaned, handed to another person, transported or stored.


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