Instructions For Field Stripping Cleaning And Lubricating

This pistol should be cleaned and lubricated every 400 rounds to insure proper function. We ask that you do not take down this weapon any further than is explained in the following pages.

Clean powder and priming residue from all areas, using for this purpose a good commercial solvent and appropriate brushes or swabs.

After cleaning and drying all exposed arefes, oil lightly using an acid-free gun oil, designated for this purpose. At the same time oil lightly ali pivot points and moving contact areas. The bore, chamber, and outside of the gun may be protectod by coating lightly with an anti-rust oil or grease.





Smith Wesson 2206

1. Remove magazine and check for live round in chamber by pulling slide back and looking in port.

Chamber Safety Flag

2. Pull the slide back approximately one (1) inch and place a safety flag/takedown tool in between the slide and the frame. Never use a loaded cartridge. See illustration.

Pistol Takedown Tool With Flag

3. Relax slide on takedown tool, then push the slide forward (slowly) and remove recoil guide plug by lifting it straight up. See illustration.

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