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This second edition of The Ultimate Sniper is dedicated to the United States of America's military and law enforcement snipers, sharpshooters, and designated riflemen. Though few ever receive the recognition they deserve, our world is a better and safer place thanks to their great dedication, skill, and courage.

Hundreds of snipers, long-range riflemen, tacticians, optics experts, and firearms industry professionals have helped me since the publication of the first edition, sharing not only their tactics, techniques, and lessons learned but new ideas, weapons, and devices, many of which I've incorporated into these pages. Among this diverse group, first I thank my old Special Forces friend, Steve Stormoen—the first edition's mysterious "S.S."—who finally has come in from the shadows; all my colleagues and friends at Gunsite Training Center, including Dr. Richard Jee, Neal Terry, Jim "K-Bar" Kauber, Bill Jeans, Jack Furr, Bill Atkins, Eric Olds, Chris Mayer, Chris Caracci, and Ted Yost; the Marine Corps' most accomplished Vietnam War sniper, Chuck MaWhinney; Marine sniping legend GySgt. Carlos Hathcock; Department of the Army JAG, Mr. W. Hays Parks; Sgt. Darryl Schmidt, St. Paul Police Department; Sgt. Charlie Dodge, Minneapolis Police Department; Sgt. Neal Terry, Albuquerque Police Department; Agent Fred MacDonald III, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics; MSgt. Steve Holland, 5 th Special Forces Group; Tom Slowik, Arizona Crisis (SWAT) teams; George Lainhart, College

Park, Georgia, Police Department; FBI Special Agent Bowen Johnson; FBI Special Agent Mike Balen; Ed Sanow and S.W.A.T. Magazine; Olympic rifleman Lance Peters; ,50-caliber world record champion, Skip Talbot; Will Von Gal, who generously sponsored the Super Sniper Shootout competitions in the United States and Europe; Garth and Fred Choate, both serious riflemen, who helped me develop and manufacture my sniper rifle stock and the Rifle Stabilizer; Bushnell optical engineer Tim Carpenter, who explained the technicalities of laser rangefinders; Barbara Mellman-Skinner at Bushnell, for much support; Leupold's Garth Kendig, a friend and supporter; Shep Kelly of Federal Cartridge Company; my longtime gunsmith friend, Gene Mayo; Dr. B.R.G. Kaplan, M.D., for insights on wound ballistics; the Fifty Caliber Shooters Association; and fellow Green Beret vet and author Jim Morris. Additionally, I thank the cadre at the U.S. Army Sniper School, the U.S. Marine Corps Scout Sniper Instructor School, and the 5th Special Forces Group Sniper Training School for their hospitality during my visits. For the considerable amount of ammunition consumed to evaluate and test weapons, I thank Steve Hornady at Hornady ammunition, Jeff Hoffman at Black Hills Ammo, and Mike Larson of Federal Cartridge.

My original sniper school cadre, who helped launch me on this interesting journey more than 20 years ago, each contributed in his own way:

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