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If the sniper missed, the spotter must tell him by how much, exactly describing the impact point. This is an important distinction: the spotter doesn't tell him how much to correct; he only gives him the raw data. The sniper interprets this data and decides how to adjust his scope or hold for a corrected follow-up shot.

The fastestĀ« most easily understood way of describing to the sniper where his round impacted is via a mil dot reticle in a spotting scope because both spotter and sniper are using exactly the same yardstick. Second to that is the clock system, with the spotter giving first a clock direction then a distance in inches from the intended impact point. What needs to be clear, of course, is exactly what this point is; in most military sniping situations, it's cenier-chest. However, it's not so clear-cut for many police incidents, in which the sniper should probably announce his intended impact point just to ensure that his spotter understands.

Target detection is the first essential step in every sniping engagement. Without its success, there is no engagement. Unlike shooting on a range where targets are clearly marked and easily seen, your camouflaged foe purposely attempts to make himself and his position indistinct. While anyone can spot a conspicuous orange among many apples, your challenge is to find a brown or green object intentionally concealed among a whole field of brown or green. It's a major task involving advanced techniques.

Elsewhere we discuss the ''wall of green" as the means for defensively detecting threats while under march. The techniques described here are applied while you're in a hide and offensively seeking targets. This target detection involves three levels of optically scanning for target indicators. Note that you're looking for indicators and not the targets themselves, such target indicators are the clues you follow up with intense observation until you find die enemy.

Before we delve deeper, Til first share some important spotting insights born from hard experience.

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