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SNIPER RIFLE WITH SCOPE AND BIPOD: We'll deal with these items at length in a later chapter. A sniper rifle should be of .308

bipod, and sling will weigh about 13 to 13 pounds.

armed with an M16A2 rifle and an M203 40mm gre nade launcher.

capacity assault rifle provides enough firepower for break-

ing bipod, and sling will weigh about 13 to 13 pounds.



The military spotter armed with an M16A2 rifle and an M203 40mm gre nade launcher.

This high-

capacity assault rifle provides enough firepower for break-

from short ing away distance, unintended con-

ihe 40mm grenade tacts;

Eagle s combination softcase and drag bag is very popular with snipers.

firing of launcher allows high-explosive smoke and rounds, which greatly assist caliber or larger. It should have a zoom scope or masking and displacement following sniping fixed-power scope with quality at least equal to that engagement. The police spotter, too, should have of the rifle. The bipod attaches not to the barrel but an assault rifle so he can add mass fire to rus at the front swivel or to a rail beneath the fore-end, sniper's selecuve single shots and thereby give the and is highly adjustable. A qualitv sling completes team an anaverucle capability as well as to engage the sniping system. Combined, the rifle, scope, multiple armed suspects, fhe target-grade Spnng-

AMMO, WEAPONS, AND ACCESSORIES. These are the basic tools of the sniper s trade.

Sniper Unit organization and equipment 23

Having been in several shootouts using 9mm ball against bad guys and not being satisfied with the results, I am not a great fan of that caliber. The


Rifle Ammunition Handheld Radio Small Knife Mini Binoculars Compass/GPS Canteen (filled) Whistle

Insect Repellent Mini Thermometer Beef Jerky Alcohol Wipes CamelBak

Spare Pistol Mags Ear Protection Penlight w/Filter Chemical Mace Camouflage Paste Strobe Light (military) Bandage Plastic Restraint Chewing Gum Pencil & Notebook Laser Rangefmder


,45-caliber pistol offers much greater capability, and the .40 S&W is better still because it has ballistics similar to the .45 but allows for a larger magazine capacity. Therefore, in combat I would carry a GI .45 auto or scrounge a .40 S&W. Police snipers face similar concerns to their military7 counterparts, but departmental policies likety will dictate their sidearms. II" you have some leeway, I again would recommend a .45 or .40 S&W, except the .45 would be a SIG-Sauer P220.

AMMUNITION BASIC LOAD: We've prepared a separate box that lists the recommended types and amounts of ammunition for carry on your vest/webgear and in your light rucksack. This is only a starting point to give you some ideas to adapt to your operational environment. Due to its potential for overpenetration, I don't think military ball is a police marksman's substitute for Federal and Hornady glass penetration ammo, although ball is excellent for penetrating light vehicles. Frangible ammo, of course, is designed to avoid overpenetration, a concern of law enforcement


Spotting Scope

Lightweight Tripod



Body Armor

Extra Ammunition

Empty Cloth Bag

Wind Gauge

Ground Pad

Poncho/Ground Cloth

Knee & Elbow Pads


Rappel Gear

Large Knife

Folding Saw

Cleaning Rod

Large Tripod

Full-Size Binos

18" x 18" Canvas

Copper Solvent

Entrenching Tool

Gore-Tex Pants


Lens Paper


Polypro Underwear

Cleaning Patches

Gore-Tex Jacket

Wool Sweater

Thinsulate Liner


Mesh Camo Suit

Jungle Hat

Dry Socks

Spandoflage Veil


Duct Tape

Camouflage Tape

Watch Cap

Large Flashlight

Bungee Cords




Mini Cassette

Strobe Light

Spare Batteries

Signal Panel

Pen Flares

Lg. Smoke Grenade

Signal Mirror

Map w/ Alcohol Mkrs.

Extra Chemlights

Reflective Tacks

Small Smokes

Parachute Cord or

Luminous Tape


Chemical Hand Warmer


Piddle Packs



Silicone Cement


Hand Warmers

Plastic Restraints

Facial Tissue Pkg.

Antiseptic Ointment

Toothbrush & Paste

Duct Tape

Canned Juices

Insect Headnet

Iodine Tablets

Piddle Pack

Sunflower Seeds

Drag Bag

Medical Pills


rather than military snipers. Tracer is suitable primarily for night signaling and marking targets for friendly forces and supporting aircraft, at which it's excellent.

LASER RANGEFINDER: Every sniper team, whether military or police, needs a laser rangefinder. Compact, inexpensive Bushnell units offer ranging out to 800 yards/meters, which even under conditions that limit a laser's effectiveness will provide exact distance measurement for almost any conceivable police sniping engagement. Newer Bushnells, also reasonably priced, offer ranging out to 1,500 yards/meters. Military sniper teams may be able to get by with these devices, but ideally they should be outfitted with high-quality rangefinders, such as Leica Geovid/Vector or Svvarovski lasers.

CHEMICAL MACE: This primarily is to dissuade curious animals and hostile dogs from bothering you in your sniper hide position or while stalking.

CLEANING ROD: Employed in the field to remove barrel obstructions, particularly if you've poked the muzzle into soft earth. Otherwise, used to clean jacket residue after firing each five rounds.

COPPER SOLVENT: For removing copper jacket residue after firing each five rounds.

CLEANING PATCHES: Employed with copper solvent.

SMALL B07TLE LUBRICANT: For emergency field use.

WIND GAUGE: These are helpful but of limited value since you can only measure wind at your location, while wind at your target may be a different speed and direction.

CLDP-ON THERMOMETER: Small and lightweight, a mini thermometer is used to monitor temperature, compute any resulting velocity changes, and determine how it will affect bullet trajectory.

18" x 18" CANVAS: Lay this below your muzzle to eliminate the dust surge kicked up by muzzle blast.

EMPTY CLOTH BAG: Fill it with available sand, din, or gravel, close with a wire mist, and use to support your rifle forearm. I make mine from old BDU pants legs.

BEANBAG: This is an old sock, used to precisely raise or lower the butt's heel for exact, steady aiming. It's filled with dried beans or peas, or, even better, pack it with fine sand.

TREESTEPS: Invented for use by bow-hunters, these are handy braces for your feet if you must fire from a peaked roof. Also, one can be screwed into a tree trunk and padded with a glove for a shooting support. Useful, too, for boosting yourself over a wooden fence or up the side of a house into a window.

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