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Most sniper rifles use four-grooved, right-hand twist rifling that makes one rotation in 10 or 12 inches. The majority of these rifles are intended to fire 168- or 175-grain bullets, so they have the faster 1:10 rate.

The heavy barrel is the rule when it comes to sniper weapons because there's less warpage as the barrel heats and thus less departure from zero. And since a wider-diameter barrel offers a larger outer surface, there's belter air cooling. Remington factory sniper rifles have 3/4-inch barrels which, although heavier than standard, are not especially thick. Nor is a 1-inch diameter too thick, but by this point (and definitely by 1 1/4 inch) I'd recommend fluting or cutting shallow horizontal strips from the outer surface. This reduces weight, increases the cooling surface, and adds rigidity to the barrel. Schneider fluted barrels have a deservedly excellent reputation. Robbie Barrkman, owner of Robar and former gunsmith-in-residence at Jeff Cooper's Gunsite Training Center, incorporates Schneider fluted barrels on his superb SR-90 sniper rifle.

Externally, barrel surfaces should be parkerized or otherwise dulled to eliminate reflection and also protect against rust and corrosion.

Any barrel's muzzle must be properly crowned, which means its outer edge is beveled cleanly and evenly so there's not the tiniest possible binding or disrupting the bullet as it exits the barrel. To protect this crown against damage from bumping or falling, most sniper-grade rifles have a recessed muzzle cut back roughly 1/16 of an inch. If you're experiencing accuracy problems, check the crown for even a slight nick, which can be ground and polished to restore top performance.

Inside the barrel, accuracy can be affected by the length of the leade, which is the space between the end of the chamber and the start of

Ssg 3000 BarrelSniper Silhouette

This Savage AccuTrigger is so good it will force competitors to improve their triggers.

trigger advocates believe that minimal trigger pull ensures a crisp break, but I think it too easily lends itself to accidental discharges or, equally bad, a stressed sniper jerking his heavy trigger when his mind tells him to delicately squeeze his light trigger. A version of the Steyr SSG offers set triggers, but I think they're best suited to target work.

A number of aftermarket triggers are available for Remington and Winchester rifles and offer better quality than factory-grade triggers. The well-known Timney is probably the most popular, although Jewell triggers have found their way into many Remington 700 bolt guns.

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