Being Able to Say No

Related to this burdensome requirement never to miss, a police sniper—much more so than his military counterpart—must have the capacity to say "NO!"

He must have the guts to assess the situation honestly, weigh this against his rifle and his own abilities, and let his supervisor know whether the shot can be taken. Often, leaders do not fully appreciate a rifleman's capabilities, passively accommodating their desires can lead to disaster.

It could well be that the best chance for a hostage rescue requires a risky shot. Then so be it, provided everyone realizes it and less practical options have been considered and discarded. After the process, you can live with yourself even if the operation fails; you did your best.

But if you remained quiet and just went along with the flow, the result will haunt you to your grave.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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