Bolting A Rifle Invisibly

Practice rapid reloading using the five-round holder developed by the author.

line the inside of the pouch with Gore-Tex to protect the ammunition from rain. I'd )eave a small flap at the top to be folded over underneath the snap, which should keep water out and prevent any condensation problems.

The Reloading Drill

Now let's see how you'll use this setup to reload quickly and simply. First, after firing your last round, ensure that you leave the bolt pulled well to the rear so there's plenty of upper receiver access.

Next., switch the rifle's weight entirely to the left hand, which cradles it just forward of the receiver. As quickly as your left hand grabs it;, your right hand should be going for your ammo pouch. If you're in the prone position, vou'll probably shift somewhat onto your left side for easier acccss to the pouch.

Flip the pouch open and withdraw one reload carrier of five rounds. You should have placed that carrier in the pouch so that when you removed it and lifted your hand, the cartridge bases are up and ready to grab for fast removal.

As j'our right hand gets close to the receiver, shift the weight of the rifle from the left hand to the left forearm and slide that left hand a bit under and around the receiver, just enough so it can hold the reload carrier.

Now, place the reload carrier in your left hand and with the right, pluck those rounds and place diem in the rifle. You'll prevent hang-ups and delays by ensuring each cartridge base is snug against the rear of the magazine we!! before trying to load the next cartridge.

If you're in a real hurry, only load as many rounds as the magazine well can hold—which is one less than maximum capacity—and slide that bolt forward ASAP. If you're not under heavy pressure, however, push the fifth round into the chamber and slightly shove down on the fourth loaded cartridge as you bolt forward, above it.

With some practice, you'll be able to reload in less than 10 seconds—a far sight faster than any of the techniques I've seen attempted by many students.

Practice rapid reloading using the five-round holder developed by the author.

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