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The concept of comeups can be credited to the military service that has paid more heed to rifle marksmanship and shooter development than any of its American rivals, the U.S. Marine Corps.

Going back at least to the Ml Garand (and probably the 1903A3 Springfield), the idea of comeups was to know the exact Minutes of Angle a rifleman needed to raise his sights to go from one distance to another at 100-yard increments. I recall a scene in the epic film The Sand Pebbles in which Steve McQueen cranks up his sights, counting the clicks carefully, then places a shot exactly on target at about 400 yards. He had used comeups with an open sight, but the concept can be applied equally to a rifle scope.

A scope-equipped sniper uses comeups either with target knobs or even just an elevation ring to count off 1/4 MOA clicks as he cranks to another elevation. Comeups are calculated for each specific round—based on its bullet weight, velocity, and resulting trajectory—so you must match the particular comeup table here to the round you fire.

Also understand that these comeup tables work regardless of your zero range. In essence, they tell you how much to go up or down from one zero so you'll be zeroed at the next range. Of course, there will be tiny but notable variations between these tables and your rifle's performance, so test-fire these comeups and modify them a bit before using them real-world.

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