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The best countersniper weapon wc have is a friendly sniper team—you.

As a trained, equipped sniper, you think like your foe does, see your surroundings—complete with dangers and opportunities—like he does. You're equipped with great optics similar to his; and you have a weapon capable of reaching him. Essentially, you're the "thief" needed to catch a "thief."

Equally, though, you're also the most knowledgeable countersniper expert in your unit and the commander's key adviser on the subject. How your entire unit—whether military or a police tac team—reacts depends on what you tell them and help reach them. It's no small responsibility.

But what is a sniper? In terrorist and criminal situations, any law officer will tell you that a sniper is any concealed gunman firing a rifle. In most military situations, though, a sniper should be a specially trained enemy rifleman using optical sights—if you want to be technical. But when your unit is pinned down and taking significant casualties, your commander won't care if the invisible rifleman has a sniper's union card or not. He wants him neutralized—now,

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