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Though the concept goes back to the earliest days of rifle-armed infantry, the early 21st century has seen considerable American interest in platoon- and squad-level infantrymen assigned the additional duty of Designated Marksmen (DM). The Marine Corps has even fielded custom-built M14s and M16A3s for these (respectively) platoon and squad sharpshooters. The Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) is an accurized M14 that incorporates a match-grade barrel and McMillan pistol grip stock with an adjustable cheekrest. Fve come upon various versions topped by the Corps' traditional Unertl lOx scope, or the Leupold Mark 4 M3, or even the day/night PVS-10 scope. Though these specially selected riflemen receive

The USMC's Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) is a highly accurized Ml 4, topped here with a Unertl 1 Ox scope.

The USMC Squad Advanced Marksman's rifle adds a heavy match barrel, bipod, and Leupold or ACOG 4x scope to an M16A3

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additional marksmanship and fieldcraft training, they arc not sniper-qualified.

So, too, for the Marine Corps' Squad Advanced Marksmen. Armed with match-grade, heavy-barreled Ml6s mounting a 4x Trijicon Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) or Leupold scope, these sharpshooters add improved optical surveillance and precision fire to each rifle squad, though they've not yet been authorized throughout the Corps.

The Army's Stryker Brigade Combat Team includes three sniper teams under each battalion headquarters, plus an additional three-man team in each maneuver company. Like the Marine Corps, however, the Army has added a Designated Marksman to each nine-man Stryker Brigade squad, arming him with an M16 orM4 carbine and ACOG 4x scope. Though these marksmen receive specialized training, like their Marine counterparts they're not fully trained snipers. The concept for both services is that these DMs fill the capability gap between rifle-armed infantrymen and fully gak'ization and equil'm hnt 5

qualified and armed snipers—or, looked at another way, the DMs offer effective fire beyond the range of ordinary infantry (about 350 yards out to about 550 or 600 yards), giving U.S. forces an edge over their rifle-armed foes.

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