Detailed Scanning

If you failed to detect targets using a hasty or deliberate scan, you go on to the most thorough technique, the detailed scan. There's no time limit—this is the way you'll scan until you find a target or target indicator.

Now is when you employ all optical devices and formally divide the sector among you for long-term surveillance, as explained in another section. You're ready for the long haul.

As shown in the second scanning illustration panel, you look at every single place an enemy could be, over and over and over, recognizing that if he cannot be found where he's supposed to be, he must be somewhere else and therefore he can be anywhere. This means you look everywhere.

Pick limited areas and watch them intensely, use naked eyes and stay alert for movement in large areas, scan back and forth with binoculars, sketch his earthworks so you'll be able to tell tomorrow if he worked on it at night, practice

Detailed scans look at more places over a longer period and divide the sector between sniper and spotter.

talking your partner in on a simulated target where a real one likely may appear, or use any-other technique you can devise to stay alert and watch your sector. Keep your visual and mental edge.

Most likely, what you'll be finding now will be indicators of a target's presence rather than the target itself.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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