Differences Between Police And Military Snipers

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Military Differences Between

police officers prior to the engagement. The police sniper usually has only one target per operation, and he neutralizes that target with just one round. One "bang" and he goes home.

His military sniper counterpart, on the other hand, usually engages many targets during a single operation, perhaps even during a single engagement. The military sniper moves, spots, fires; moves, spots, fires; moves, spots, fires in a dangerous setting in which potential hostiles are all around him.

The enemy frequently has more firepower, has greater numbers, and can outmaneuver or outrun the military sniper if his position is clearly determined. Due to the ever-present danger, in addition to marksmanship and target detection, the military sniper must pay equal heed to the finer points of infiltration and exfiltration in order to accomplish his job and live to tell about it. Some police sniper missions—such as clandestine drug lab recon or remote airfield surveillance—require sophisticated infiltration and exfiltration, too.

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