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A mount consists of two components: the squarish base that attaches to the receiver, and the rings, which hold die scope to this base.

The most often encountered base on U.S. military sniper rifles is the Picatinny rail, military standard 1913, intended to accommodate a variety of optics, lights, lasers, and night vision devices. All major base and ring manufacturers have modified their products to be compatible with this rugged but very precisely designed mount. For example, the Nightforce two-piece base, although machined to a slight upward taper of 20 MOA (to allow longer-range shooting), is built to die Picatinny standard. Leupold's superb steel Mark 4 Tactical Mounts, found on most military and police sniper weapons, incorporate a Picatinny-style rail.

Provided the rings are of high quality and match the scope's matte finish, they're acceptable. You need only be concerned that the ring height will match your scope sincc the larger your objective lens, the higher you must mount it for adequate clearance. Rings typically are available in three heights. You should keep your scope as low as possible so it's less prone to being bumped or dragged and damaged.

See-through rings, which lift your scope so high that you can see beneath them to aim it, may be fine for deer hunting but they have no place in sniping. Not only do these rings make your scope more prone to damage, they lift the scope so high from the bore that long-range elevation adjustments will vary from "book" values. Such tall rings can degrade the calibrated accuracy of an excellent Bullet Drop Compensator.

Bases are manufactured essentially as one- or two-piece. A one-piece base is about 5 inches long and straddles the ejection port on its left side. A two-piece base screws into the same receiver holes and attaches only the rings themselves to the receiver. I could cite a number of pseudoscientific claims in favor of one- or two-piece bases, as argued by various shooters, but when it comes right down to it, either base style will do the job, so it's an issue of personal preference.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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