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FOLDING SAW: This is the handiest edged tool you can have, and even a moderately priced one can zip through a 2 x 4 in minutes. Used to clear a narrow field of view or firing port, improve camouflage, and perform a host of other cutting needs. Useful for both military and law enforcement snipers.

SNIPS: Small but very sharp, used to prune just a bit of grass and leaves away from your sniper hide to allow undetectable firing. Also handy for constructing and maintaining your Ghillie suit.

EDGED TOOLS. Any or all of these may be needed, but the author especially values the folding saw and Fiskars snips at left.

SMALL KNIFE: A small knife is useful for cutting, especially when there's a need for dexterity that a big knife cannot accomplish.

LARGE KNIFE: A large krufe lends itself to hacking and chopping and should be heavy enough to give you some leverage and momentum. Yes, it can also remove an enemy sentry's head, but you'll have far greater need to accomplish more mundane work.

ENTRENCHING TOOL: A permanent sniper hide includes digging for protection against small-arms fire and enemy artillery. But a surveillance hide, too, may require digging to be totally invisible.

GLASS CUTTER; For removing glass panes in an urban sniper hide so you can fire through a window that appears to be closed.

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