Engaging A Fleeting Target

A fleeting target is a stationary hostile who exposes himself for only a few seconds, then ducks back into cover and concealment until he again exposes himself. Examples include an artillery forward observer in an observation post or a soldier concealed behind a log and occasionally peering over its top—or an enemy sniper attempting to spot you. This is the most realistic suspect activity for police sniping situations, too.

Essentially, engaging a fleeting target is a game of patience and preparation. You've located and identified your target but cannot engage him because he won't stay exposed long enough to raise your rifle, spot him through your scope, breathe correctly, and squeeze off one shot.

The solution is to complete all these preliminary steps before he reappears—that is, get into a good prone-supported position and adjust yourself and your rifle so there's no need to readjust at the split-second of firing. Wedge clothing or a sandbag under the heel of your rifle, adjust and anchor the bipod, etc., so your rifle is perfectly "locked-on" your target's location. All you do is wait for the target to reappear.

Adjust your body and make your position as comfortable as possible. You should be able to lie motionless with the rifle so well locked-in that no movement is needed to shoot.

Eye fatigue is a potential problem if you stare with one eye through the scope for a prolonged period. Preclude this by keeping both eyes open and watching the enemy's position with your left eye while resting the right eye. From time to lime shift focus to your right eye just to confirm that the crosshair's still aligned and ready and you have correct eye relief.

When you see the enemy reappear with your left eye, shift focus to your right eye, confirm the scope crosshairs are on him, and squeeze off a shot.

How long must a target be exposed to be engaged? Consider the following data:

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