Estimating Wind Speed

The most important thing for you to realize when estimating wind is that the wind direction and speed at your location may be irrelevant.

Here's what I mean. Think back about times when you've found shelter from a brisk wind by getting below a ridge or 20 yards back into the woods. You were comfortable, but the conditions at your spot did not reflect those around you. No matter how perfectly you estimated the wind where you were, it would not reflect wind at your target or the wind between you and the target.

And these are exacdy the winds of interest to you: first, the wind at the target; then, the wind between you and the target; and, only last, the wind at your location. You and your spotter must examine the entire area to determine wherever you have distinct winds—as cited above—then estimate the speed of each and note whether it is steady or gusting.

Wind gauges can be used only at your own location, but they're still worth having bccausc

Sniper Training Wind Calculations
Estimating wind speed by effects.

Range and Wind Estimation 353

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