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Obviously, a sniperscope should have a matte finish, either bead-blasted, anodized, or some kind of parkerized/acid dulled. None of these is especially superior to the others for reducing reflection, but the harder, thicker finishes offer more protection against rust.

But even if your scope has a high-gloss finish, you can just wrap tape and camouflage cloth around it and that will eliminate reflection. Or, better yet, spray paint your scope and rifle to fit the coloration in your area of operations. Just be sure to tape the dials and witness marks and cover the lenses.


A scope reticle is one of those little things riflemen use but don't give a second thought to—not recognizing that like any other piece of gear, obtaining the most suitable reticle and employing it correctly can dictate a shooter's long-range effectiveness.

One of my instructors was so taken with my new Leupold 50mm Vari-X III that he, too, ordered one. But no sooner was it mounted atop his Steyr SSG than he knew somehow it was different. I had to look through his scope a couple of times before I realized it had a heavy reticle; in fact, it was about twice as wide but otherwise identical to my Duplex reticle. While it was suitable for hunting in heavy brush, this crosshair was much too wide for engaging man-si^e targets eight football fields away.

Leupold was happy to replace it with the thinner reticle the instructor had wanted but failed to order correctly; my point is that even a reticle's width—not to mention its style— impacts on a sniper's performance. These seemingly "little" things are worth noticing.

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