Footpounds Of Energy Distance in Yards

Muzzle 100 200 300 400 500 600

1485 1172 913 699 522 384 299

1026 834 671 534 420 325 246

2520 2180 1870 1600 1355 1150 970

2625 2285 1975 1705 1460 1245 1060

realize that the AKM rounds generate much less energy at 600 yards than a mere 9mm does at the muzzle, which is about 350 ft-lbs. (You must respect a 9mm, too, as a lethal round, but don't forget that your sniper hide should give you protection against direct small-arms fire.)

Next, consider the drift advantage you have when it comes to a 10 mph crosswind, shown in the next box. Again, the advantage is immediate but becomes more profound with distance. By the time the AKM 7.62mm round has traveled 400 yards, it has blown fully two body widths off target. Imagine your foe hopelessly "guesstimating" when firing 500 or more yards into the wind or shooting against a stiffer crosswind.

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