Getting an Initial Lead

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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When the enemy's breathing down your neck,

M86 Pursuit Deterrent Munition
confuse and divert pursuers,

pursuing so close that the slightest pause will have him all over you, there's little option but to run hell-bent

You've got to knock him back at least enough to gain time for some counteraction. To get this initial lead, toss a few hand grenades, even if it's tossing them back over your shoulder without slowing enough to see what's back there.

To break this terrifying "they're-right-on-my-ass" pursuit, I modified fragmentation grenades by replacing their 5-second pull fuzes with nonelectric caps and slow-buming time fuze and a fuze lighter, which we've illustrated. Depending on the mission, my men carried two to five such grenades, as well as time-delay claymore mines.

Wrapped mummylike in time fuze, such a grenade detonated anywhere from 30 scconds to 10 minutes after being tossed and, in essence, created a minefield to our rear. These explosions caused the enemy to turn away from us, thinking we'd split, or if a grenade detonated really close, he'd think somehow we'd drawn him into a booby trap or mine. Either way, the confused enemy screeched to a halt

The U.S. Army adopted a similar de\ice, the M86 Pursuit Deterrent Munition, a 1-pound mine that spews seven monofilament lines, each 6 meters long. Contact with a line causes a preliminary explosion, which bounces the mine up about 1 meter, where it finally detonates and throws a very deadly fragmentation pattern. I haven't personally tested this mine, but it's my understanding that, like my old mummy-wrap grenades, you just pull a pin and toss the M86, with no need to pause for emplacement. If the enemy's not too close, use a pull-wire


M86 Pursuit Deterrent MunitionM86 Sniper RiflePursuit Deterrent MunitionPursuit Deterrent Munition

able casualties, and I used it myself with tremendous effect. A TRP is a "target reference point," meaning artillery has been registered for that exact spot and all die ballistic data has been computed in advance by the fire direction center. It's the fastest way to use artillery.

With the enemy in pursuit, you run through the first TRP—we'll say it's a trail junction—and alert die artillery by radio, telling them to prepare to fire. You make a beeline for the next nearby TRP—say a hilltop—then veer dramatically away and have the artillery shoot hell out of the space between the two TRPs. Air bursts are particularly devastating against this unprotected enemy; they'll forget about you once these rounds start bursting.

A slight variation uses two smoke grenades instead of TRPs and an airstrike instead of artillery. This works really well since the fighters can strafe and bomb on a long axis and you're still safe even if their ordnance impacts long or short.

among radar-reflective clutter. An enemy having too much faith in technology would hardly expect you to infiltrate though a sector "covered" by radar, making this approach all the more effective.

To hone your ability to sneak through ground radar, you should work with a friendly battalion radar surveillance element and practice slipping through their system.

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