Hostage Rescue Shooting

This section must be brief and pointed, because disclosing too much here could benefit any hostage taker who got his hands on this book.

Hostage-rescue shooting is the most psychologically and physically demanding kind of sniping. There's not the slightest room for error, nor is there opportunity for spotter rounds or second chances. Everything depends on one trigger squeeze.

Here are some things to consider:

• Don't attempt a shot beyond your ability.

• Don't allow superiors or others to rush you.

• Employ at least two sniper teams per suspect to increase the likelihood of a clear shot.

• Multiple targets require multiple sniper teams, firing in unison.

• Reconfirm your zero if time permits; maybe even rezero for the exact distance you must shoot.

• Use military ball or barrier-penetrating ammo if you must shoot through glass.

• Employ a diversion if possible.

• Softpoint and hollowpoint ammo may legally be employed by military snipers in counter-terrorist situations.

Complex situations require a sniper coordinator at the command post.

• A positive backstop minimizes overpenetration concerns.

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