Human Nature Vulnerabilities

The one quality I saw in combat that consistently got men killed or caused others to die was arrogant overconfidence—some fool thinking he knew it all. Any one of the human vulnerabilities listed below can get you killed or cause you to fail to accomplish your mission. Master these qualities and you will have mastered yourself.

Overconfidence Inattention/Indifference Hasty Decisions Lack of Planning Bad Tactical Habits Anger/Emotionalism

Undue Curiosity Too Easily Distracted Laziness Underestimating Your Opponent Unwillingness to Train, Prepare

Those who think they're on a mission for God or who hate their mommies and daddies are quick to spot and disqualify. What's far more difficult and subtle, I think, is weeding out those who won't risk it all under fire; who, when all the chips are on the table, don't take the shot or choke up or hide instead of shoot. Bui the purpose of psychological screening is to exclude the crazies, not determine who has true grit.

Law enforcement agencies often have a formal psychological interview of sniper candidates and even administer diagnostic tests like the Minnesota

Multi-Phasic Inventory. Given the great liability and inherent dangers of firing a high-powered rifle in a peacetime urban setting, no police agency can afford to have a man too quick to take a shot.

My greatest concern about psychological screening is that it's dependent on the subjective opinion of a psychiatrist who may not fully appreciate the stresses and realities of a sniper's environment. He could exclude the best candidates because they like firearms or seem enthusiastic.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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