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To understand and apply the complexities of ballistics, adjust his rifle scope, plan missions, and just plain outsmart his foes, a sniper needs brains.

He needs wisdom, too, for his typical engagement violently teases a numerically superior foe. Like a nimble mongoose, his quick tactical parries and diversions outwit the deadly cobra. This requires coolness under stress.

The excitable adrenalin-spurting "hooh-uh" types are the exact opposite of the calm, unemotional, thinking sniper. They can adapt with great effort, but it's not easy.

These observations hold for police snipers, too. An entry team member needs to be bold and aggressive, ready to burst through doors and engage his opponent at close quarters. His whole business is smashing through risk and hitting his objective head-on. But the police sniper must be cautious, methodi cal, deliberate. His mission requires bypassing risk, minimizing chance, and turning odds around, not confronting or charging a suspect.

The sniper should be compatible with his teammate. I didn't say have the same personality, I said compatible. But they should be the same approximate size so one can pull the other out if he's incapacitated. Teaming up a Hulk Hogan with an average-size man means they'll both die if the larger is ever seriously wounded.

And when it comes to personality, the Lone Wolf type need not apply. Sniping is a team mission in which each man must contribute fully, not feed off the endeavors of his partner.

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