Jackaling Shadowing an Enemy Force

This tactic was practiced by Viet Cong guerrillas early in the Vietnam War and directed primarily against South Vietnamese units but eventually American ones, too.

A two-man guerrilla team followed a conventional unit from a safe distance and, perhaps every other day, crept close enough to shoot one soldier. These

here we can observe the components to make this trick most effective.

First, initiate it under the cloak of darkness, which inspires confusion and makes recognition most difficult. Second, expect greatest success against units that have just moved into new positions and don't clearly understand who and what are to their front and flanks. Our Viemam fratricide was soon stopped because we realized there was a friendly position in the direction of fire.

Third, fratricide is far more likely when the two enemy units are of different languages or different components or at least different major organizations. This makes speedy confirmation difficult and slow—and of less concern to the soldiers.

And finally, the two enemy units should be within effective small-arms range of each other, perhaps a maximum distance of 700 yards, so their exchange of fire inflicts casualties.

While instigated fratricide can induce significant casualties, the long-term animosities it creates between allied units may ultimately be of much more significance.

"Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at withmit result."

Winston Churchill

As a former SOG recon man whose team repeatedly escaped a numerically superior foe bent on our destruction—especially an enemy supported by bloodhounds and native trackers that sometimes outnumbered us 25 to 1—I must admit that the subject of evading pursuit is close to my heart.

Virtually all these tactics and techniques have proven effective real-world, tested either by myself or other SOG troops who lived to tell the tale. But I have to caution that no matter how clever or aggressive you think you are, survival against these odds eventually passes into the hands of the Creator. The best solution is to remain undetected in the first place.

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