Lots and Lots of Lots

Remember: Accuracy equals . . .? Yes, consistency, and there's yet another way to add a bit more consistency to our ammunition performance, and that's by using rounds only from the same manufacturer's lot.

In the same lot of ammunition, all the primers were made on the same equipment, with the same compound, probably by the same person, and likely on the same day. The powder came from the very same batch, which was mixed at the same time, shipped on the same day, stored in the same way and for the same period of time, then loaded into die cartridges by the same machine. The brass came from the same stock, it was extruded and shaped at the same dme and on the same machines, and it was sized and finished on the same day. The bullets, too, were made in a single lot, from the same machines and the same components and by the same people. Then, finally, all these came together into one lot of loaded ammunition that was made at one time, in one place, on one machine, and by the same persons.

So, you take the rounds from this lot, just this lot, use it to zero your rifle, then find a secure place to store all the ammo you'll need for perhaps the next six months, and use only this ammo for practice and real-wo rid applications. When this lot is gone, rezero your rifle for another lot of match-grade rounds and again store an ample supply in a secure place.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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