Military Overwhites and Expedient Clothing

To avoid the expensive duplication of issuing both summer and winter uniforms, most armies

Rely Bedsheets
WRONG. Bottoms should be white, like the ground.

use overwhites, simple oversized white garments worn over regular uniforms in winter.

German army overwhites are reversible, with pure white on one side and pine bough highlights on the other. The pants are held up by adjustable suspenders, while both parka and pants have plenty of zippers and surprisingly good workmanship.

My U.S. military overwhites, which I've highlighted a bit with gray and black, are not so elaborate and rely more on elastic and tie-downs than zippers. Still, they're adequate.

Commercial paper overwhites should be standard equipment for all snowbelt police tactical teams. They're cheap, compact to store, and the easiest way to be ready. Look for those made of Du Pont's Tyvek paper, which is particularly resistant to tearing.

The long-time winter standby, a white bed-sheet parka, can do the trick, but make sure it drapes low enough to cover your legs or you'll only highlight yourself.

Rely Bedsheets

Occupy low hides that blend into the background, which should be the most difficult to detect. You can create a dummy hide merely by leaving visible tracks and exposed earth.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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