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TRIPOD: Used to support the spotting scope since a hand cannot hold it steady enough for longrange viewing. Tripods can be simple, folding, three-legged affairs or complicated and very adjustable with micrometer-like dials.

BINOCULARS: Used together with the spotting scope for visual overlap in both field of view and magnification power. We'll examine binoculars in depth later, but note that both mini binoculars and full-size ones serve useful purposes.

ALCOHOL WIPES: These are not for cleaning lenses but for wiping glass you may have to look through while surveilllng. We're talking about the foil-sealed, throwaway wipes. Carry several.

LENS PAPER: Carry one package stowed in a plastic bag and use only lens paper to clean your rifle scope, sporting scope, and binocular lenses.

SPOTTING AND SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT. These are the essential "eyes" of a sniper team.

MIRROR: Used to peek around corners or over edges while searching for a hostile sniper. This can be the same mirror carried for signal purposes.

STILL CAA'LERA: This is not listed for carrying in any container because it's only used on special surveillance operations. Yet it's important that you train with a particular type of camera that is available for field use so you don't have to scramble at the last minute when it's needed.

VIDEO CAMERA: This is a ditto of what we've said for the still camera. Since your sniper hide is an excellent surveillance position, you easily could be tasked to video an objective prior to a hostage rescue mission or a drug raid. You need access to a video cam for training and a dedicated one for some operations.

NIGHT OBSERVATION DEVICES (NODs): These are addressed in detail later. Although military snipers should have assigned NODs that they use frequently, we're treating them as special mission gear.

NODs are available as goggles or sighting devices to be piaced atop your rifle like a daytime scope.

SENSORS: Since snipers are masters of stalking and deploy in remote areas or well in advance of the main body of an operation, they could be used to emplace sensors clandestinely. They're not listed as carried in any container because they're not normally a piece of gear assigned to the team.

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