Mounting the Scope

Before installing anything, clean all screws and screw holes with acetone or alcohol to eliminate any oil or grease that could reduce tightness. If you're remounting this scope or it previously was on another rifle, you should take time here to restore the crosshair's mechanical center, a procedure explained on page 113.

Begin mounting by attaching the base using hex screws, upon which you have applied a thin coating of Gun-Tite, a special adhesive made by Loctite, to anchor them in place. When you've snugged them down, rap each screw once sharply and you'll probably be able to rotate it another half-turn.

Into the front mount, insert the ring with the dovetail at its bottom using a 1-inch or 30mm dowel or pipe (not the scope), as appropriate, to rotate it in line with the barrel's axis. To fine-tune the front ring's alignment, install the rear ring and manipulate the pipe or dowel until there's no binding between the two.

Now, remove the tops of both rings and insert the scope, screwing the rings down, but not so tight that you cannot slide or rotate the tube. You're ready to adjust the distance benveen the scope eyepiece and your shooting eye, known as "eye relief."

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