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The same exacting standards of quality demanded in a sniper-grade rifle and scope must be found in its mount, too. It's the height of foolishness to acquire a S 1,700 rifle and an $800 scope and connect them with a 815 mount and rings.

Mount quality results from close tolerances during machining; some mounts not only have poor tolerances, but they aren't even machined—they're stamped out of soft alloys. And bccause these soft alloys have a different hardness and density than a rifle receiver's steel, they'll expand and contract at a different rate, leading to your scope ever so slightly twisting away from zero. Even if a cheap mount is constructed of decent steel, its low-tolerances will not mate it tightly to the receiver, leading to acute recoil vibrations that will shake it loose.

Beyond this, a poor-quality mount will not align straight and true with your rifle and therefore consumes an inordinate amount of your scopc's internal adjustments for zero.

Redfield requires that its mounts mate with any rifle manufacturer's receiver dimensions to a tolerance of +/-.003 inch, an acceptable standard that you should demand of a mount suitable for a sniper rifle.

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